A Letter to My Readers: The Final Six

Hello, my lovely readers! I’ve been working toward this day for so many months, and now, it’s surreal to realize that it’s actually here! Today, THE FINAL SIX launches into the world and lands on bookstore shelves—and hopefully, soon this book of my heart will [...]

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The Final Six: #Bookstagram Tour & Giveaway

Hi Readers! I am so excited to celebrate the release of my latest novel, THE FINAL SIX. We kicked off the celebrations last week, and now I’m keeping the party going with a massive INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!!! [...]

Author’s Note: The Science of The Final Six

Alexandra Monir at Space Camp (Summer 2016) Writing The Final Six was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had drafting a novel, since it allowed me to explore a longtime fascination with space, and involved endless research—my favorite task as an author! During [...]

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Pre-Order Offer: The Final Six

UPDATE: THIS PRE-ORDER OFFER HAS ENDED! THE FINAL SIX is now officially on sale! Thank you to everyone who participated in this pre-order offer. Your gift packs are scheduled to go out in late March/early April, once we’ve had a chance to review [...]

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Smiling in the Face of Adversity: The Paula Hickey Story

What would you do if your life was a series of battles to be fought, between you and your body? How would you handle the crushing weight of a prognosis that threatens to separate you from your peers, that seems intent on holding you back [...]

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My Top Five Mystery Reads

After spending this past weekend discussing what makes a truly great mystery novel at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, I found myself analyzing my favorites. Why did these particular books have such a hold on my imagination? How did they keep me guessing, and [...]

A Mentor Is a Girl’s Best Friend

A couple months ago, I had the surreal experience of walking into a Manhattan Barnes & Noble and finding my second novel, Timekeeper, on the Teen New Releases shelf along with Kirsten Smith’s second book, Trinkets. Seeing your book on the shelf is a pinch-me moment no [...]

The Phenomenon of Paranormal YA

When Stephen King came up with his first great idea, his debut novel Carrie, he paved the way for many of us YA authors through his realization that nothing fits supernatural phenomena quite like adolescence. Everything changes so rapidly in our teen years, from our bodies [...]

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